LPOOSC SCIO is managed by a trustee group of parent volunteers. The trustees and club manager meet every 4-6 weeks during term-time. We are always looking for additional support and would welcome your contribution which does not have to be on a regular basis – assistance with one-off tasks is always much appreciated. Without a trustee group, the club cannot operate.

To offer your support, put a specific topic/issues on the agenda for discussion, or to provide feedback please contact a member of the trustee group (details below) or e-mail: trustees@lpoosc.org.uk.


  • Debbie Cluness (Children in P6 and P3) – Chair
  • Kat Douglas (Child in P3)
  • Iona Hodge (Children in P7 and P5)
  • Lee Lewis (Children in P6 and P2)
  • Graham MacKenzie (Children in P6 and P3) – Secretary
  • Rebecca Smallwood (Children in P5 and P2) – Treasurer
  • Claire Wakefield (Child in P3)
  • Adrian Williamson (Child in P4)
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